Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More movie inspiration

I've been in love with Tim Burton's movies forever, and Sweeney Todd is no doubt my favorite (I mean hello? Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter!) It makes me want to go back to that time so badly.  Their costumes, makeup, hair, EVERYTHING is so beautiful!

 I'm so using this as winter clothes inspiration!

You can even gain ideas from the men's costumes, check out their scarfs and that peacoat.

The layers are so intricate!

I love how the detail contrasts with the duller colors.

Stripes and dots <3

This could definitely work in the summer (those shoes...I'm in love). By the seaaaa, by the seaaaaa :]

I'm going to have to try that hair soon.

Lastly the hats! The hats are so great!

You can pick out so much from these pictures, let alone the entire movie! all the lace detail, but it's still kept so dark. I love it, and i hope you gain as much from it as i can! :] Thanks for reading!

<3 Sisi


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