Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Makeup Must Haves

Hi lovelies, here's my favorite makeup items ever. They'll be the more jazzed up ones, not my simple school items.

            Lancome                                  Tokidoki (at sephora)

     Sephora collection                              Coastal Scents (.com)

Lancome has to be one of my favorite mascaras I cant even explain why; i got it in a free gift.

Tokidoki eyeliner is really cool, its shaped like a sharpie marker and for people just learning it works a lot easier thn a wand.  I like it because it doesnt chip off.  All the colors are great, especially the deep purple.

Any time i get eyeshadow, it is always in a palette. I can never bring myself to buy a single eyeshadow for $4, when they have palettes at Sephora ($15) or Coastal scents ($9).

Thanks for reading!

<3 Sisi


  1. Hiya! How much is that eyeliner? It looks great xxx

  2. i wanna say around 15 dollars, lasts forever though


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