Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Goal

Fall Goal
Hello everyone. So, i'm usually super minimalist when it comes to accessorizing, just because it can get annoying with chains hanging of of you all day and id always rather save the 7 dollars for a necklace and put it toward a skirt or something. I don't even care a purse, BUT I'm thinking i might want to start getting some jewelry.  I can hopefully convince myself towards doing so.

House of Harlow 1960 silver jewelry
$49 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs brass jewelry
$48 -

37 AUD -

Chain jewelry
$34 -

Miss Selfridge coral jewelry
£30 -

Just Female Acces gold star jewelry
€18 -

Club Manhattan gold tone jewelry
€18 -

Gold jewelry
$16 -

Forever21 chain jewelry
$11 -

Bohemian style jewelry
$7.80 -

Plastic Bat heart shaped jewelry
£6 -

Forever21 spiked jewelry
$3.80 -

Forever21 facets jewelry
$3.80 -

Forever21 ring
$3.80 -

Forever21 stretch jewelry
$3.80 -

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