Monday, August 29, 2011

Simple makeup for school, tips, and savings!

Hello lovelies,
     I don't know about you but school starts for me in a couple days and i need to get back in the swing of putting on makeup everyday.  Over vacation it was nice to wake up and not care-and really good for my skin! But I'm looking forward to having some fun with it again, so i thought I'd give you guys my tips because good makeup is a great extension to your outfit. This will end up being a lot more simple, just to enhance your gorgeous selves, because caking on the layers of makeup and then having to up keep at school is not fun! I guess I should start with this now huh? :]

 My favorites:

Clear mascara- Find it in any drug store. It is perfect for putting over dark mascara to keep it from smudging, or apply it by itself to just make them stand out a tiny bit. I also put it on my eyebrows to keep them in place all day.

Too Faced shadow insurance- This is an eyeshadow primer, and once you try it you'll never go without again! It is one of my favorite things ever. It's sort of expensive, but you use the tiniest dot for each eye so it lasts for a while. I've had mine for a couple years.

Carmex- I'm sure you all know what this is. It's my favorite chapstick because it feels coo and never dries out.

Coastal Scents Warm makeup palette- has some of my favorite makeup palettes, i have 3 of them. They are only about 25 dollars each and it's very high quality, especially when used with the shadow primer. The warm palette is the one I use the most, just because it's so versatile.

For school:
1. I only use concealer and some powder for my face. It's all you really need and you don't have to worry about foundation being streaky or patchy.
2. Smudged black liner goes along the top of my eyelid and only halfway across (outside to in) on my bottom lashline, never in my waterline. i think that makes people's eyes look smaller and not stand out.
3. Then i do a layer of mascara, and go over it with the clear mascara, as well as apply it to my brows.
4. The only eyeshadow I might use is a highlight color on my brow bone and the end of my eye (the point closest to my nose). I only put the primer underneath in the places where I'm applying the shadow.
5. Carmex! or some lipgloss, coastal scents has great ones.
That's it, and most of the time i just stop after step 3.

*Always use your primer!
*Smudging your eyeliner makes it look less harshand more naturally pretty. You can also apply more to make it smokey-er.
*If you want to use blush (i usually don't because my cheeks get flushed easily) try using a pink eyeshadow instead. it saves you money!
*If you apply too much blush or want to even it out go over it with your face powder, rather than adding more to the other side.
*A good lip tint is a great way to get color in your lips without having to deal with lipstick. the drugstore will have them.
* A good brush makes a big difference!

That's what I look like after I do all the steps, pretty simple. i hope you like it and that it helps you get ready for school faster in the morning! Thanks for reading (it was a lot XP)!

<3 Sisi

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