Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seventeen Magazine Break Down (2)

Hey! Here are some more cheaper ideas going off of the Seventeen Magazines May edition of "Your Summer Hot List".

I loved a lot of these suggestions because they were retro-friendly!

Head Scarf- Nothing oozes easy breezy vintage like one of these. When i see one, my brain goes to Thelma and Louise driving in their '66 Thunderbird. Cool car, chicks who are in charge, and they look good! Who could deny wanting to embody that? 
80's sunglasses- no need to explain :]

Sailor bikini- Sailor bikinis remind me of the wardrobe in Sweeney Todd when Helena is singing "By The Sea".

Flirty romper- I didn't warm up to rompers as quickly as everyone else seemed too, but some of them can be really cute.

Statement earrings- You can totally use these to gain a 60s mod look.

It's like this list was handmade for the vintage loving girl! I hope you liked these options. Have you noticed Forever21 is my favorite store yet? XP Thanks for reading!
<3 Sisi

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