Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seventeen Magazine Break Down

Hey cuties! So I am a total magazine freak, and I thought I'd share the "vintage and broke" perspective on a part of the May issue of seventeen magazine before it's June.  Bare with me there are a lot of words. haha.

"The Best New Shorts" (a list of shorts styles for summer)
This was a great idea, because once it gets so hot that all you want to wear is a tank and some shorts, you can still convey your style through the different kinds of shorts.  I loved the categories, but their options were a tad too expensive for my frugal taste, so here are my suggestions and opinions on how to style them in a vintage way lovies:

Embroidered: these are an awesome bohemian vintage style piece, but instead of paying 50 bucks for them try buying a strand of ribbon at an art store and stitch them on to a different old pair of shorts.

High-Waisted- An absolute staple item for...ever! they are my favorite kind of shorts at the moment. They automatically give that vintage 50s/60s style to any top (it's a plus if they have those sailor style buttons), but I'd try it with a sleeveless blouse that ties at the top, and of course some oxfords :]
The shorts they showed were $54, and these are only $14.80

Floral- I love floral and they add a "secret garden" like attitude to your outfit. Try with stripes, keep the colors soft to keep the sweet girl appeal.
They offered $30 shorts, and these are $28.50.

Camo- Not my personal favorite, it would give a 90s vintage feel to your suit though.

Tuxedo- I think they just mean formal black shorts. To make it vintage try adding some tea-stained lace items. That also makes them more formal.
There's were $70, ours are $9.80.

Overdyed- Personally, I love dyed shorts. It's a bummer though because my favorite Easter egg yellow ones are too small :[ but they were sold at a yard sale for the American Cancer Society so i guess it's all good.
There's were $42, these are $19.80.

Hope these help you out and keep your appearance cool, but your wallet full! Thanks for reading!

<3 Sisi

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